The Great Godot Engine

I’m going to start the Game Dev articles with the most used game engine (by me) which is Godot. This engine is not just an ordinary game engine tho, it’s free and open source! Free in here is in freedom and in free of charge, anytime, anywhere, still and will always be free. It’s developed by huge amount of contributors as well as core full time dev. What’s cool about this is not just you can see the source code, you can built huge amount of games based on genres or mechanical stuffs without throwing a single penny for the engine itself but with rich features, like “enterprise”.

Founder and Contributor

Godot is founded by Juan Linietsky and Ariel Manzur, it’s growing from internal use only to become an open source game engine years ago. The contributors are also actively developing the engine, event the community forum is also active and involved in any issues to solved it together. Godot is one of the most “community friendly” engine as far as I know. What’s more important than a great program? Active users and active development, that’s it. By having active users, we could find a lot of information regarding features, issues, bugs etc or just throwing ideas on Godot’s forum. By having active development team, means that this engine is still moving forward, refining the system, logics and also it’s resources in case there is more efficient way and cost friendly for doing this and that.


Godot support 2D as well as 3D, currently 3.2x is the latest released version and also stable. However, it will not be long for 4.0 to come, which is having Vulkan engine as it’s 3D power ecosystem. Currently tho, Godot’s 3D is already great although it’s look like more 2D preferred or 2.5D at least. But still, with their current 3D environment, it’s already good for 3D games.

What’s unique from this engine is also on the part that Godot has it’s own scripting language, kinda python like scripting, so for you that familiar with Python will be easily catching GDScript in no time, but GDScript is definitely not python. It supports C++ with their mono build too. It’s a cross platform engine that you can easily export your game to other platform with the same source code! Android, Windows, Linux, MacOs, HTML5, iOs, even consoles! Remember, it’s all free and open source!

Download and Useful Links

So, guys, why wasting time now, you can grab the engine (single file and portable!) and build something cool. Just visit their official site or read their amazing features and download the latest stable version based on your operating system. If you want to run the game, you can directly run from inside the engine itself, but if you want to export, then you’ll need to download the export template from All documentation is also quite fully documented and easy to read, which you can find it on

See you on the next post.

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